What is Rakuten AirMap?

Rakuten is partnering with AirMap,
the leading global provider of airspace management services for drones,
to empower safe and efficient drone operations in Japan.

See Rakuten AirMap in action

Rakuten AirMap's
UTM Platform

Our platform delivers complete situational awareness to airspace managers
and enables drone operators to fly safely
and stay informed during flight.

Conceptual Diagram of UTM

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The Rakuten AirMap UTM, or Unmanned Traffic Management,
platform organizes low-altitude airspace data, including regulations
and advisories, weather, terrain, and other mission-critical information
to enable safe and efficient drone operations.

Our platform lets drone operators know when and where it's safe fly their drones,
and provides real-time awareness of drone flights to airports and other airspace managers.

By connecting the drone operator and airspace managers,
Rakuten AirMap's UTM platform opens the airspace for intelligent drone flight.

Tools we provide

For Airspace Managers

Airspace managers can view real-time drone flight notices within their juridiction, automate authorization for drone flights, and communicate directly with drone operators via SMS or phone.

For Drone Operators

Find nearby safe flight areas, create flight plans and give notice to nearby airports and authorities with a few taps in our Rakuten AirMap mobile app.

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March 15th, 2017
Press Release

Rakuten and AirMap Announce Joint Venture to Bring Unmanned Traffic Management Platform to Japan

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Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten is a Global Innovation Company empowering people and society through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Founded: Feb. 7, 1997
Chairman and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani

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AirMap, Inc.

AirMap is the world's leading airspace management platform for drones, supporting more than 100,000 drone flights per day.

Founded: Dec. 1, 2014
CEO and Co-Founder Ben Marcus

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